Ignacio Pérez

Ignacio Perez

Local Artists-in-Residency Program, May/June 2014.
Website: www.ignacioperez.monokuromo.com
Place of birth: A Coruña, Spain, 1980.
Place of residence: A Coruña, Spain.
Artistic fields: painting, drawing, sculpture and installation.

After graduating in Fine Arts at the University of Vigo, Pérez completed a PhD at the School of Philosophy at the University of Santiago de Compostela, where he engaged with the field of aesthetics, more specifically researching into postmodern cultural production.

As a visual artist, his activity revolves mainly around painting, though without foreclosing an exploration of other disciplines, including drawing, sculpture and installation. His main interest is grounded in the search for essence through painting, a quest that has materialised in the reduction of the formal elements in his work to the bare minimum and in a search for the limits of the materials used.

His latest projects address an essential aesthetics whose main features are based on abstraction, the use of untreated materials, an economy of language, and monochrome… reminiscent of a minimalist-based aesthetics similar to that practiced by artists such as Ad Reinhardt and Carl Andre, though incorporating contemporary elements like the appropriation of objects from industrial production or the implementation of technology.

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