DSK (Belén Montero & Juan Lesta)


Local Artists-in-Residency Program, October/November 2013.
Website: esferobite.com/dsk
Place of birth: Zamora, Spain, 1970 and A Coruña, Spain, 1971.
Place of residence: A Coruña, Spain.
Artistic fields: video, installation, live-cinema/visual, interactive video, (we have multidisciplinary projects like codeco).

Since 1999 Belén and Juan work together as filmmakers-directors in audiovisual art projects related to music. His education comes from various fields such as electronics, audiovisual and history of art.

His early work as DSK arise from the investigation of electronic feedback in analog video. These unrepeatable visual sessions open the door to performing videoclips for musicians like Prozack, Fangoria or Astrud and to the music and documentary video art with hybrid formats that incorporate both the new technologies and geolocation. They exhibit their videos among others in INJUVE, Museo do Mar de Galicia, Hangar, Muncunill or Caixa Galicia. Currently, in his videoblog iconoscope, they propose a very experimental, directly and collaborative line of work between filmmaker and musician.

Since the last decade developed codeco (encoded-decoded-encoded) where they work analogisation concept of information encoded. Multidisciplinary project exhibits in CGAC, La Capella, Fundación Luis Seoane and Centre Pompidou-Metz.

In his work is recurrent the analysis of the information flows that involve the formation and decomposition of the image, the error as a generator, the question of reality and the idea of circular story, subjects covered many times since irony.

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