Álvaro Muñozledo

Alvaro Muñozledo

International Artists-in-Residency Program, May/June 2014.
Website: www.electrovisiones.com
Place of birth: Mexico D.F., Mexico, 1983.
Place of residence: Barcelona, Spain.
Artistic fields: digital art.

Muñozledo’s practice embraces various audiovisual formats, technology recycling, development of interactive systems and collaborations with other artists.

After graduating with a Master in Digital Arts from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, he completed a residency at Laboratorio Symbolon, Barcelona, where he engaged in a number of projects cutting across art, cultural management and practices of personal knowledge.

His audiovisual performances have been showcased at museums including Museo Carrillo Gil, Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Museo Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Museo experimental Eco, Centro Multimedia CNART, Telenoika, Hangar and Centro Cultural España; as well as at festivals such as LPM (Rome/Mexico), SpaceVjMeeting (Poland), VJ fest (Istanbul), Festival Mediarte (Monterrey), Robot Festival (Bologna) Festival Plug (Barcelona) and Mutek.es (Barcelona).

He is currently the director of Circuito Electrovisiones, an e-art and audiovisual experimentation platform. Muñozledo is a member of Laboratorio Symbolon, chairperson of EX, the electronic and experimental art association, and a collaborator with the Barcelona-based Audiovisual City.

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